Invitation to Kraftprovet 2024


On Freday July 19, 2024 the 38th edition of the competition will be held in Trollhättan and we offer a unique experience in the lock and falls area. The competition is traditionally held in the start of the Water fall’s Days, which creates a fantastic party atmosphere in the city for three days. Along the entire course, you will be greeted by pleasant entertainment with lots of music.

As usual, we hope for several talented elite runners among all the positive and happy exercise runners who fight their way around the scenic course. A large crowd of spectators is usually present and it is easy to follow the runners as they pass bridges, locks and power plants on their way to the finish where the medal awaits. 

  • The distribution of BIBs has moved down to the start and finish area.
  • Entry fees in several stages Entries can be registrated digitally until 1 hour before the start.
  • At early entry (until May 15) to Kraftprovet 11.6 km, a high-class functional T-shirt with the Kraftprovet logo is included in the entry fee. The T-shirt is distributed in connection with the distribution of BIBs at the start and finish area. Enter your shirt size in the registration form.
  • Dubbelprovet (the Double run) is for those of you who want to run both the Slussprovet (the Locks’ Race) and the Kraftprovet. The entry fee for the Slussprovet is reduced by SEK 100 for those of you who run the Dubbelprovet. Prize to the winner of the Dubbelprovet.
  • The silver medal at the Kraftprovet 11.6 km is aimed at runners who run faster than average (Elite exercisers). The aim is to have some time to strive for and then get proof that you are a really fast runner. Read more further down.



For seeding to the Elite start for the Kraftprovet 11.6 km, merits are indicated in connection with the registration. Only merits from previous years’ Kraftprovet or other 10 km races are taken into account.

Registration implies approval that the organizers may use images of the runner and publish the runner’s name in start and result lists in the media and on the internet.

Registered runners with approved payment can be seen here:



Late entry on the day of the race is done digitally at standard entry form, up to about 1 hour before the respective start time. The organizer at the BIB distribution at the start and finish area will help with questions about late registration.



Note! Distribution of BIBs are at the start and finish area. BIBs are distributed from 10:00 until the start time of each class..



For runners in Kraftprovet 11.6 km (classes 1, 2, 3 and 4) net race time is used, i.e. timing from the starting line.

  • Exception for seeded runners in the Elite start where gross time is applied. For the first three places in Class 1 and 2, order of turn over the finish line applies.

For the remaining classes, gross time is applied, i.e. timing from the start.



Do you think it’s a ”piece of cake” to run the Kraftprovet? Then you can do a Double: Run both the Slussprovet and the Kraftprovet. The start of the Slussprovet (6km) is at 14:40 and the Kraftprovet at 16:10, so there is plenty of time for recovery;

Register for both races. When registering for the Slussprovet, enter the discount code ”dubbelprovet2024” to get a SEK 100 discount. Official list of results for total time on the Dubbelprovet is reported.



Changing rooms and showers are available in Arena Älvhögsborg.



The start and finish can be found surrounded by the Göta river at Hansenplatsen, by the fall area. See the map under the heading ”Banbeskrivning” (Track description).



The different courses are marked with snips and painted arrows. There are signs for every km.  . See maps under heading ”Banbeskrivning” (Track description).

Pace keepers for 50-, 55- or 60-minutes per km pace will be in the Kraftprovet 11.6 km.

For the Kraftprovet 11.6 km, you must be before the maximum time of 55 minutes when passing 5 km in order to continue the race.



Nurses are available at the Start and Finish area, at the Locks and at the Church.

Everyone participates in the races under their own or their parents’ responsibility.



All runners, regardless of class, receive a medal immediately after completing the race. Prizes for the best in all classes, except the Knatteprovet where no timing is done and no placings are announced. However, the participants get a banana, juice and ice cream. New for this year is also a prize for the winner of the Dubbelprovet.

The number of prizes and the time of prize giving will be stated at the result board at the Start and Finish area.



Since 2016, there has been a prize pot for race records at the Kraftprovet 11.6 km, which is increased by SEK 6,000 per year from the Ljusproffsen. The prize pot is up to SEK 45,000 in 2024. A new race record in the Men’s Kraftprovet (33:43 min) is rewarded with SEK 22.500, and a new race record in the Women’s Kraftprovet (39:16 min) is rewarded with SEK 22.500 . 



From 2022, we will also reward race records for the Slussprovet 6.3 km. The prize pot is increased by SEK 3,000 per year from Colorama. The prize pot is up to SEK 7.500 in 2024. A new race record in the Men’s/P17 Slussprovet (19:42 min) is rewarded with SEK 3.750, and a new race record in the Women/F17 Slussprovet (22:29 min) is rewarded with SEK 3.750. 



The silver medal is aimed to runners who run faster than average (Elite exercisers). The aim is to have some time to strive for and then get proof that you are a really fast runner

If you manage to do this, you get, in addition to the honor, a very nice silver medal that is different from the usual medal. The times are 50.00 min for men and 55.00 min for women. 



Training evenings will be arranged before the race. These will be advertised on Kraftprovet’s website and on Kraftprovet’s Facebook page.



Trollhättans SOK
Trollhättans IF Friidrott



All important information is available on the competition’s website. Start and result lists will also be published here. For problems, comments or special questions, contact::